Fibre is on its way

B4RN have begun the process of blowing optical fibre from the cabinet in Bleasdale through to the cabinet at Chipping Village Hall.  This means that the first homes will begin to be connected in mid-February 2018.

The homes that will be connected are either on Route 1 (from Bleasdale to Chipping) or near to the cabinet at the village hall.  There are still some wayleaves (permission from landowners) to obtain to allow the conduit to cross individual fields and gardens, but we should soon be developing the network in the centre of the village.

If you would like to ensure that you are on the list for a connection please email either or  The cost for a connection is £150 (or shareholders who own at least £1,500 in shares can get this for nothing).  The connection provides the fibre connection and the hardware (modem) in your house.  It then costs £30 a month (£25 + VAT) for the service.  It is possible to arrange the connection without taking the service initially (you may be in a contract for the next few months for example).

In any event, if you want to obtain a connection, please do get in touch and we will let you know the likely timing for your property.

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