Mole ploughing and installing conduit for the optical fibre

CHAIN and B4RN will rely massively on the generosity and help of landowners and farmers. There is only one way we can build an affordable network, connecting even the most rural properties, and that is with their local knowledge, assistance and free wayleave permissions.  Please have a look at the gallery of pictures showing the type of work and installations that have been installed in Casterton.


B4RN’s wayleave agreement is a simple single page, plain English document that gives us permission to install B4RN ducts across a landowner’s property. We are very grateful for these free wayleaves as it is the only way a network of B4RN’s scale can be built by a community.

Shares For Work

We want our communities and landowners to own B4RN, and so routes of properly installed B4RN duct are eligible for a ‘shares for work’ claim. Landowners, tenant farmers, contractors etc. can earn a fixed £1.50 per metre (including all expenses, such as fuel costs) for the distances they’ve installed. These are the people with professional groundwork skills and the capital investment in diggers, tractors, moleploughs etc. The work will have to be approved by the local community champion, meet B4RN standards, be referenced by route number and chamber location, and be accompanied by a tax invoice.

Chamber where conduit and fibres are joined, and spurs run to individual properties.

For full details please read B4RN’s documentation on working for shares, found on B4RN’s Resources page.